The elegant customer-facing iPP320 is the easiest-to-install PIN Pad on the market. Its unique add-on design, used
in conjunction with iCT250 or iCT220, gives merchants the ability to seamlessly accept PIN-entry and contactless payments through a proven plug-and-play device. Lightweight, compact and self-contained, the iPP320 plugs directly into the merchant’s existing payment system or Ingenico countertop device for simple installation and instant integration. For merchants and consumers alike, iPP320 is easy to use, streamlines payment, and improves the overall purchase experience. Because the card never leaves the customer’s hands, transactions are
fast, private, convenient and secure.
With integrated Telium2 architecture and a wealth of connectivity and features, Ingenico’s iPP320 accepts all existing forms of electronic payment, including contactless, magstripe, Chip & PIN, and mobile/NFC; is fully EMV and PCI PTS V3 certified; and supports the latest international security algorithms.

Proven security
Ingenico’s industry-proven core technology ensures that the iPP320 delivers the
ultimate in secure data transmission and application management. Fully EMV
and PCI PTS V3 certified, iPP320 supports the latest international security algorithms,
including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session. An optional PIN privacy shield
provides added protection for merchants and consumers alike.
Outstanding performance
Built around Ingenico’s advanced Telium2 architecture and EMV level 2 kernel, iPP320
processes powerful cryptographic algorithms at the highest speeds, delivering fast,
secure transactions. Tamper-resistant, tamper-responsive components and digital
end-to-end encryption technologies protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the
entire transaction.
Each iPP320 comes standard with all payment technologies already embedded and
ready to activate, and operates on Ingenico’s global Telium2 platform, eliminating the
need for add-on devices or component upgrades. That means iPP320 gives you the
flexibility to accept any or all existing forms of electronic payment, including
MSR credit and debit, smartcards, stored-value cards, contactless systems such as
MasterCard PayPass® and VISA payWave, EMV/Chip & PIN cards, and mobile/NFC
applications, now or in the future.
Compact design
With its lightweight, elegant design, iPP320 fits neatly and cleanly into any merchant
environment. Its crisp LCD display, large backlit keypad, and raised-symbol keys make
PIN entry and navigation convenient and confidential.
Flexible connectivity
iPP320 gives you seamless flexibility to integrate the payment device into your existing
payment system. Choose from powered serial, USB and Ethernet options and a wealth
of standard non-powered communications capabilities to create targeted applications to
tailor the purchase experience. Merchants can count on constant speed, security and availability, regardless of transaction volume.


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